Quentin Tarantino is interested in watching somebody’s ear getting cut off; David Lynch is interested in the ear.
David Foster Wallace (via pudgefairy)



were these costumes once considered cute or were they as creepy then as they are now?

Love these

rossbirks what’s chloe been upto now?


nothing else can quite contain the feels in this chorus

this album is 10 years old


twin peaks interiors/exteriors

dude i think our babies can talk
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Ed Sheeran - I See Fire



im still trying to get over the fact that oranges are pre-sliced by nature



“I’ve accomplished everything I wanted out of life, like way beyond my wildest dreams. Anything from here on is just icing. Seriously, if you find out that I died tomorrow, I’m fine. Don’t be sad for me, because I’m not sad. I died with a smile on my face.”
-Ryan Dunn